Why Ben Plant Guitar?

Having taught guitar for 6+ years in music shops, schools and privately, I started Ben Plant Guitar in 2015 because the traditional method for learning the guitar just wasn't working anymore. I knew there was a better way.

Students didn't need old-fashioned syllabuses to learn - they have access to YouTube, Tab software and even recording equipment in their own home!

All of my courses have been built from the ground up to meet the needs of the next generation of guitarists, based on my own experiences as a performing guitarist and a teacher plus countless other courses and teachers that have influenced my playing over the years. 

My goal is to teach guitarists:

  • The most effective ways to learn and play
  • Practical techniques and courses that get results fast
  • The skills you can't learn from the internet or books alone
  • To become an independent, confident learner
  • How much fun playing the guitar can be!

Dave joined the team in 2016 to bring his wealth of experience as a musician and teacher (as well as his deep knowledge of Jazz), which has led to more courses being developed and students getting a wider mix of teachers to learn from.

As part of my long-term dream of creating the most comprehensive guitar courses and tuition in the world, we'll continue to create new guitar courses that will get guitarists to their musical goals faster - with a smile on their face the whole way to the top!


Ben Plant

Having first played the guitar more than 20 years ago, music has been a part of most of Ben's life. 

He started his journey playing a diverse range of styles from rock to jazz to classical throughout his school years, before finishing VCE music in 2007.

Ben now specialises in progressive metal, the perfect style to combine his diverse interests and love of playing loud.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Applied Music from Box Hill Institute and performs in extreme metal band Hybrid Nightmares.


Dave Hendley

Dave's an experienced rocker who has created compositions for film, games, bands and avante garde soundscapes.

Dave specialises in jazz, prog rock, improv and calypso, a fun, energetic style originating in Africa. 

Dave holds a Bachelor of Applied Music from Box Hill Institute and is currently completing his Masters of Music. On weekends, you can catch him playing with Calypso band Jaspora.

Hiring Ben or Dave for Workshops

If you’d like a guitar teacher to present a specialist:

  • Guitar workshop
  • Seminar or
  • Performance

for your organisation, get in touch below to let us know how we can help.

We do offer pro-bono workshops for charities, non-profits or special-needs educational institutions if applicable. You guys deserve some extra love!

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