Become a Metal Guitar God!

Metal is our specialty. Whether you want to shred like Dream Theater, chug like Metallica or channel your inner evil like Immortal, this is the ultimate metal guitar course for you!

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Metal Guitar Lessons That Get You Results

Metal Guitar is unlike any other style of music.

It's fast. It's furious. And it's by far my favourite genre to teach and play!

If you're looking to learn how to play metal guitar like a pro, forget Youtube, forget boring traditional lessons - this is THE course for you.

What You'll Learn

Our Metal Guitar Course takes you through the 6 key elements of Metal Guitar - Lead, Rhythm, Performing, Writing, Recording and Guitar Maintenance.


Lead Metal Guitar

  • Find out the simple secrets to amazing solos
  • Learn how to apply advanced techniques like tapping, pinched harmonics, sweeps and more
  • The perfect scales for every situation

Rhythm Metal Guitar

  • Learn the secrets to the biggest, baddest, tightest rhythm sound
  • Learn advanced techniques like speed-chords, polyrhythms and more
  • Move beyond power chords and learn the true 'metal chords'

Performing Metal Guitar

  • Learn how to effectively use pedals, amps and guitar settings to get the best live tone
  • Build your skills and play with a full metal band
  • Speed and accuracy training that will fast-track your guitar mastery

Writing Metal

  • Forget conventional song-writing - we'll show you the real secret elements that make up a killer metal track
  • Create guitar harmonies, build a 'wall of guitars' and master advanced rhythms
  • Learn to write in a diverse range of metal styles, from black to prog to power to thrash!

Recording Metal

  • From tight modern metal to old-school trash, learn the secrets to the perfect metal guitar recording
  • Record your own music, covers and more in lessons
  • Use a wide variety of amps, effects and plugins to create your own unique sound

Guitar Maintenance

  • To get the fastest, heaviest metal sound, we'll teach you how to setup, maintain and service your guitar
  • Find the perfect picks, the perfect strings and the perfect action for your guitar, every time
  • The right guitar setup can mean the difference between a sloppy wannabe and a guitar god - we'll make sure you're in the latter category!

About the Teacher

Ben's the guitarist in Hybrid Nightmares, Australia's premiere extreme, prog metal band. He's toured internationally, supported Enslaved, Abbath, Ne'Obliviscaris, Psycroptic, Ruins and more. He's recorded 6 releases, tracked a bunch of other metal bands and taught a multitude of budding metal guitarists.

With 20+ years experience - he knows metal inside and out. If you're serious about mastering metal guitar, Ben's the guy to learn from!