Guitar Courses

Every one of my courses is tailored for the student. When you and I meet up for your free evaluation lesson, what I’m most interested in finding out is what your musical goals are.

From there, I’ll suggest the best course for you to begin your journey, with each lesson, class or seminar leading you one step closer to the result you’re after.


Guitar Starter Course

The perfect introduction to the guitar. The Starter Course is for beginner guitarists who want to master the basics of strumming chords, reading music and playing some fun songs.

If you're new to the guitar, this is the course for you!

Furious Fundamentals Guitar.png

Furious Fundamentals

This is the course where you’ll learn to play a variety of songs, understand the guitar and build a solid foundation to tackle more complex guitar courses. 

Perfect for those who have completed the Guitar Starter course or more advanced players looking to fill any guitar knowledge or skill gaps.


Acoustic Acrobat

Ideal for the budding singer/songwriter, this course helps you learn to strum along with your favourite acoustic songs, building your skills as an acoustic soloist and accompanist. 

This course is great for those who love acoustic pop, folk or ballads or those who want to learn to play songs to sing along with.


Rock Renegade

A popular course that takes you through rock, power-chords and the big lead guitar break. From Zepplin to Powderfinger to The Arctic Monkeys, the rock course will teach you how to be a rockstar in no time.

If you love loud electric guitars and want to learn to play in a band, this is the course for you!


Dr. Dextrous

The course where you’ll learn the basics of fingerstyle guitar, turning the acoustic guitar into a beautiful orchestral instrument that will cause jaws to drop.

This course is great for those who love a challenge and enjoy complex solo pieces for the acoustic guitar.


Super Shredder

The ultimate course in finger tapping and fast electric guitar playing, covering everything from metal to fusion. Definitely not one for the faint of heart!

For those who love to play fast (and love being the centre of attention), this is the course for you.


Classical Champion

For those who love the complexity and depth of our musical past, this is the course for you. Covering everything from sight-reading to concert performance technique, this advanced course is extremely rewarding to play and learn.

Ideal for multi-instrumentalists and those who have a passion for traditional music.

Other Music Courses

On top of these guitar-specific courses, we also offer additional courses in:

  • Songwriting Star – where you’ll learn how to craft and write your very own songs in the style you love

  • Music Theory Maestro – perfect for all VCE, AMEB and Bachelor’s students who are looking to expand their knowledge of music theory

  • Studio Surgeon – a one-of-a-kind course in the basics of recording, teaching you how to record yourself and others like a pro

  • Music Business Boss – for those looking to pursue a career in the music industry, this is THE place to start


Feeling overwhelmed? I know – if I was in your position, I’d be excited and want to do everything at once too!

Don’t worry – elements of all of these courses can be combined into your own personalised guitar journey. The only question is – when are you ready to start?