Guitar Maintenance Masterclass with Michael Harron

Guitar maintenance is something many guitarists handball to their techs or local music shops.

For big repairs or tricky modifications - that's fair enough.

But restringing a guitar? Swapping out pickups? Adjusting the truss rod? These are all things you, as a guitarist, need to learn to do yourself.

Why? Because they will all have a massive impact on your playing! Having the perfect action (string height), nice sounding pickups and fresh strings will make almost everything easier to play and sound better.

To help you all out, we have master guitar repairer, Michael Harron of Harron Custom Guitars showing you his expert secrets to restringing and maintaining your guitar for the best feel, sound and reliability.



Where: 100 Mullum Mullum Rd, Ringwood
When: Sunday, July 30th 11am-12pm
Price: $11.44 (includes a bottle of Harron Speed Wipe RRP $12.95)

This workshop is open to all Ben Plant Guitar students, and to the general public, but places are limited so be sure to order your tickets today!