Beginner Guitar Toolkit & Resources

One of the biggest challenges when you're first learning the guitar is not so much finding information, but filtering it.

Here's 5 essential articles which will help you on your journey as a guitarist, covering easy guitar songs to learn, buying your first guitar, choosing the best guitar lessons for you and some basic guitar terminology.


Easy Guitar Songs Your Valentine will Love

Playing songs for other people is always a great (if initially nerve-wracking experience). 

These songs cover a variety of genres and are all great at teaching you some fundamental guitar skills.


Buying your First Beginner Guitar

If you haven't already got yourself a guitar (or you're currently borrowing someone else's), here's some tips on how to choose your very own beginner guitar.

Choosing the right axe (yep, you're allowed to call a guitar an axe now, you're a guitarist) is really a skill like any other, so it's good to learn about the differences between different guitars during the buying process.


Online Guitar Lessons vs. Guitar Teacher

There's a lot of material online that you'll want to make use of when learning the guitar. 

Here's an easy comparison between common online guitar lessons and local guitar teachers to help you choose the best option for you.


Everything You Should Know About Guitar Anatomy

Talking the lingo and understanding what each part of the guitar actually does will make it much easier to enjoy playing guitar.

You don't need to pick up every term at once, but here's a good starting point that will help you understand what all the books, teachers and videos are talking about when they reference frets, headstocks and pickups.


How Much Guitar Practice Do You Really Need?

Practice should be a fun experience! But, it can be difficult to fit into a busy lifestyle.

Here's a guide on how much practice you really need when you're starting out, and some tips on how to get the most out of your practice time for maximum fun and results.


We'll keep adding to this toolkit over time, so please feel free to link other helpful articles and thoughts in the comments below!